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Symbol By Steve Cook  Pro Edition

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Symbol By Steve Cook  Pro Edition

Since it’s release Symbol has become one of our all-time best sellers around the world and takes pride of place in many magicians and mentalists set.

“I personally love the effect but wanted to play it to larger audiences so very early on a commissioned a few larger sets for personal use and now I’m releasing this Pro Version to the market”. Peter Nardi

So What’s new with the Pro Version?

I wanted a version that I could carry with me easily but would be big enough to play to a much larger audience.

The new Symbol is manufactured on our new pro cards measuring 78mm x 108mm and they are printed with the same eye-popping colours as the original.  These cards will easily fit in your pocket but make a far grander entrance!

I have also tweaked one of the aspects of the effect which means it can play even better for a stand up show.

As a bonus on this video I also discuss how to perform this effect to a larger audience.  

Steve Cook has created a super slick ESP prediction. This awesome effect will fit neatly in your wallet and will fry any spectator!

Imagine placing a single envelope onto the table along with six coloured ESP cards. Your spectator is asked to roll an imaginary die, they can roll it as many times as they like, change the number as many times as they like and yet the ESP symbol related to the number will match your prediction in the envelope 100%

Symbol feels ultra-fair and is easy to do (absolutely no funny moves or sleight of hand required)

Everything you need to perform Symbol is contained in the pack including a full in depth training video with additional tips and handling by Peter Nardi

Symbol resets instantly and is perfect for both Mentalists and Magicians


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