P&L Chinese Sticks, Brass by P&L Magic


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These professional Chinese Sticks are constructed from 15″ heavy brass featuring beautiful red tassels and beads.

For those unfamiliar with the effect, the magician has two rods or “sticks.” Each has a tassel dangling from it. Pull down the tassel on one stick, and the tassel on the other stick goes up! Then separate the sticks to show they are not attached in any way. Repeat the trick, pulling on the other tassel. UP goes the first tassel. Audiences love this bewildering magic.

This is the perfect apparatus for entertainment purposes or as a collectible. Each stick features the famous P&L hallmark/trademark.

Manufactured to last a lifetime.

These Chinese Sticks come with a custom-made carrying bag and written instructions.

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Weight2.05 lbs
Dimensions17.5 x 5.5 x 0.14 in


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