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Based on Andy Nymans classic Killer Elite effect comes Fright Night a chilling prediction effect using legendary Horror Movie villains.
Your spectator creates a movie in their mind which features four of the world’s most famous horror movie slasher villains. The scene is set, these titans of horror fight it out until there is only one survivor. Your sepctator makes their choice as to who will survive in their movie and even though this is a totally free choice you have predicted the end of the movie from the very start!
Fright Night is easy to do, there are no forces and your spectator can choose any one of the killers to be the sole survivor and yet your prediction is correct!
Fright Night includes everything you need to perform this mental miracle including
A Custom Leather Wallet (designed and manufactured specifically for Fright Night)
The custom printed cards on our great Pro Size stock
A plastic membership card and bonus key-fob
Custom designed secondary/alternative reveal poster

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