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Career Choice – GREAT for kids and adults alike!


A SUPER FUN card routine with an AWESOME ending!


Perfect for closeup, walk-around, table hopping and any time you want to make someone the STAR of your show!


Allow your spectator to do the magic in their hands, which will leave them with a personal souvenir to keep!


A deck of playing cards are shown to have a wide range of different job titles on the back and your spectator is asked to freely select a playing card,


When they turn over the freely chosen card, the job title is MAGICIAN. What a coincidence!


But, you tell your spectator that in order to BE a magician, you need to do a trick!


In the same way as if you wanted to be a hairdresser, you would need to cut someones hair.


The magician card is placed into their hand and they are asked to say (or shout!) their favourite magic word.


When they turn over the card, it has changed into a magic certificate, qualifying them as a magician that they can KEEP!


The certificate has a space for you to write the spectators name on and is a PERFECT souvenir of the magical moment where THEY did the magic.


Comes complete with Career Choice Deck and a full deck of giveaway magic certificates. Trust us, you will WANT to give them away!


This is SO easy to perform but will really make an impact on your spectators, of all ages.


*Refill Magician certificate packs are also sold separately CLICK HERE

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